General Terms and Conditions

inlingua Language School Zurich effective from 01 May 2014

1. General
The length of a lesson period amounts to 45 minutes. A break of 5 minutes is included therein.

2. Absence from Group Courses
Compensation for missed lessons cannot be granted. This also applies to sickness and other reasonable hindrances of students, which do not fall under the school’s sphere of responsibility.

3. Absence from One-to-One Tuition or Company classes
Course participants schedule their lesson plan by arrangement with the school. Agreed appointments may be cancelled or postponed by phone (044 291 51 51) or by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The information must be received by at least 2 pm of the preceding business day (for appointments on Monday, Friday 2 pm of the previous week is the deadline). Cancellations arriving at the secretary’s office after 2 pm are considered to be late. In this case, the appointment will be charged at the regular rate.

4. Cancellation or Postponement prior to Course Start
Agreed language courses can be cancelled or postponed free of charge up to fourteen days before commencement of the course. This must be done in writing by letter or e-mail. The date of receipt of notice at inlingua is considered as the relevant date. Cancellations and postponements received by inlingua less than fourteen days prior to the start of the course will incur a service charge of CHF 300.00.

5. Cancellation of Group Courses after Course Start
Courses are designed for a fixed term and may not be terminated. In case of cancellation during the agreed course period, or non-attendance at the beginning of the course, the entire course fee is still due for payment. No reimbursement or credit for prepaid course fees is possible.

6. Validity, Termination or Transfer of One-to-One Lessons upon the Start of the Course
The lesson balance is valid during two years. At the end of two years it expires. Within this term, the lesson balance may be used for another course, may be transferred to a third party or to another inlingua school in Switzerland. The termination of a one-to-one tuition course is possible and must be submitted in writing. Within the two years, any remaining balance may be refunded, transferred within to a third party or to another inlingua school. If the course was paid by a company, the credit balance is exclusively the property of the company itself and may also be used by it for another employee of the firm.

7. Number of Participants
If the minimum number of participants in a group is not attained, the school management is entitled to cancel the course or to reduce the number of lessons.

8. Terms of Payment
Unless explicitly otherwise agreed, the terms of payment are according to the terms indicated on the invoice and/or in the training agreement.

9. Change or Absence of Teachers
inlingua retains the right to substitute the appointed teacher temporarily or permanently. inlingua assumes no liability for cancelled lessons due to e.g. illness of the teacher. Lessons cancelled by inlingua will not be charged in any case.

10. Teaching Resources
The cost of teaching materials is not included in the course fee; it will be charged separately.

11. Complaints
In the case of problems or appeals, please contact the school front office.

12. No Liability due to Thefts
Please pay attention to your valuables. Never leave them unattended in the classroom. For any losses of valuables we cannot assume liability.

13. Enticement of teachers
Enticement of teachers (e.g. for one-to-one lessons) is prohibited. In each case of violation a contractual penalty in the amount of CHF 5’000.00 is due.

14. Place of Jurisdiction
If irreconcilable differences arise and legal steps are taken Zürich shall be the competent place of jurisdiction.

inlingua Zürich
Badenerstrasse 15
8004 Zürich
Telefon 044 291 51 51
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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