Language Courses


Standard Course
any time
Monday and Wednesday
2 - max. 6
CHF 1396
CHF 50
inlingua Sprachschule, Badenerstrasse 15, 8004 Zurich


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Learning content: You will learn how to introduce yourself, and how to provide and request personal information (origins, nationality, where you live and work, phone number, family status). You will acquire a basic vocabulary relating to home, clothing, food, weights, measures and speed, and learn how to ask and answer questions about time and opening hours.

You will learn how to describe the weather, the days of the week and the seasons, and how to name or ask about a particular date. You will be able to ask for directions and give basic instructions as well as describe the characteristic features of a place (e.g. town, island).

You will learn to express simple requirements in the form of requests or demands and to ask for information in everyday situations such as when shopping, at the doctor's, in a restaurant, at the train station or at the airport desk. You will also learn to describe your daily routine and leisure activities, talk about events in the past and express personal requirements.

Notes: Classes may be joined at any time at a corresponding level. It is recommended you do about 1-2 hours homework per week. Interim stage tests are set to show the progress. At the end of the course, participants receive a course certificate.