The strict language school. Success is fun!

No gain without pain - so let's get down to it.

inlingua talks plain language: a high level of language proficiency can only be achieved through a lot of effort. The consistency of our attitude ensures that all students benefit from a challenging learning environment. But don't worry: you're allowed to have fun while you're learning!

1. Small groups mean great progress

inlingua works consistently with small, tight-knit groups (2 - 6 students). This approach offers students through the fast progress they make, the best value for money.

2. In class, the course books stay closed most of the time.

At decisive moments in life or at work, you cannot open a language course book. We demand and teach complete concentration.

3. inlingua teachers are double the value: native speakers plus special training.

The language is from their mothers, the method from inlingua. All our teachers are equipped with the latest know-how from inlingua international's teacher training centre in Berne.

4. Success rate of over 90%  - also in demanding language diplomas.

Successful results are the rule at inlingua.