inlingua promotes successful communication.

As an internationally established language school, inlingua contributes to better understanding across the world.
The experience generated by 300 schools worldwide is the basis for continual improvement of the working methods and courses.
inlingua strengthens Switzerland’s competitiveness.

As a language school with Swiss roots and a close partnership with leading companies and institutions, inlingua helps enhance Switzerland’s competitiveness
as an international business location.

inlingua stands by its open declaration that advanced language skills can only be acquired with a lot of effort («The challenging language school»).
Initially, the learning experience is geared as precisely as possible to the individual’s existing knowledge and designed to be positive as well as productive.

As a language school that is keenly aware of the importance of personal interaction and motivation, inlingua works with staff from a diversity of countries and cultural backgrounds.
Teaching staff from around 20 countries ensure the quality of the lessons and the authentic feel for the relevant language culture.