The inlingua online placement test is offered free of charge and without obligation. It’s results will place you in the inlingua level system from A1 to C2. A detailed assessment of the results is also provided.

About this test:

  • This test adapts to your language level step by step.
  • The further you get, the more difficult it becomes.
  • When you reach the point which corresponds to your current «language barrier», a provisional placement level within A1 to C2 will appear on your screen.
  • Required time: about 30 minutes.

If you would like to send your result to an inlingua center of your choice answer “yes” to the corresponding question in the form and choose e.g. “inlingua Zürich”. We will be happy to discuss your detailed results with you.

Technical Requirements:
Flash Version 6 or higher, JavaScript enabled, the test must not be interrupted for more than 20 minutes.
 If you have any technical problems, please use the Helpdesk.