Our course material consists not only of our own coursebooks, but also includes the resourceful and highly efficient e-learning platform my.lab. Its user-friendly design and target-oriented content will ensure you enjoy your success.

Blended Learning

With my.lab and our classic inlingua language training, you enjoy the advantages of both fields of education. According to the latest studies, blended learning is the most effective studying technique of all.

Missed a class?

my.lab was designed by inlingua and customized to fit our teaching method and our teaching materials. Subject matter can therefore be studied independently if you missed a class.


Learner-types are as different as languages themselves. Thanks to its modular setup, my.lab is suitable for all learners on all levels. More than 10’000 methodologically diverse exercises allow you to learn individually and target- oriented.


my.lab is an online tool accessible over the online platform https://my.inlingua.com. No additional installation is required. It can be run on all computers, tablets and smartphones using windows, OS, Android or iOS.


Price for a bundle when buying a new coursebook: my.lab & coursebook CHF 90.-*

  • interactive and multimedia-based

  • thousands of exercises

  • attractive and user-friendly design

  • personal account

*my.lab can also be purchased independently from an inlingua language course. For CHF 119.- you can receive access to all exercises in your target language for 6 months.

Do you have any questions? We would be happy to support you with an individual consultation.