our 10 commandments

1. Target language
Only the target language is used. Nothing is translated.
2. Speak and listen
The focus of the lesson is on speaking and listening.
3. Examples
Students learn grammar through examples, not explanations.
4. Speaking time
Students are given as much time as possible to speak for themselves.
5. Personal needs
Students' needs are always considered when planning lessons.
6. Mistakes
Mistakes are corrected in a positive and motivating way.
7. "Fishing" instead of "feeding"
The teachers "fish" for the solution sought first, before simply "feeding" the students.
8. Own opinion
Students are given as many opportunities as possible to express their own opinion and use the language creatively in free activities.
9. Variety
The teacher uses a variety of teaching techniques to make the lesson lively and interesting.
10. Books
Students' books remain closed most of the lesson.
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We are aware that the inlingua method can only be as good as the teachers who use it.

For this reason, we only employ native speakers who have completed teacher training or have a comparable qualification. 

Our teachers regularly attend further training courses, which take the form of workshops on a variety of didactic and methodological topics. In this way we ensure that both our teachers and students can benefit from the latest teaching techniques. 

For quality control purposes, our Head of Training regularly visits all our teachers.