House rules.

10 rules of conduct for inlingua courses:

  1. Only the target language is used. Nothing is translated.
  2. Lessons focus on speaking and listening.
  3. Students learn grammar through examples, not explanations.
  4. Students get as much time as possible to speak.
    Teachers talk only as much as necessary.
  5. Students’ personal requirements are taken into consideration when planning courses.
  6. Mistakes are corrected in a constructive, motivational way.
  7. Teachers “fish” before they “feed”.
  8. Students are given as many opportunities as possible to express their opinions and use the language creatively in informal activities.
  9. Teachers use a wide range of techniques to keep lessons lively and interesting.
  10. Students’ books stay closed for most of the lesson.

We recognise that the inlingua method is only as good as the teachers who use it, therefore, we hire only native-speaker teachers who have attained a teaching degree in languages or an equivalent qualification.

Before beginning at inlingua Zurich, each teacher is required to complete a two-week method training course.

Obligatory further training consists of workshops on a variety of pedagogical topics, in order to ensure that teachers and students can benefit from the latest developments in learning techniques.